LGBT+ Events Company

Who’d have thought this time last year that Jan 2021 would see us in our third national lockdown in the UK?

In addition to being thankful for my health and those of my loved ones, I’m grateful for the time to launch a company that has been an ambition of mine for years.

I’d love to introduce you to Sappho Events.

Sappho Events is a Community Interest Company that produces safe, sober and social events for LGBT+ women and non-binary people in the UK.

It’s the product of years of conversations with queer friends, my own personal experiences, and a piece of market research I conducted with over 300 LGBT+ women and non-binary people in the UK about the things they’d like to see in the queer community.

I had no idea the sheer amount of time, energy and effort needed to run a start-up in the UK, but it has been a rewarding experience so far to see the positive reception the company has received, with people already booking our events.

This is just the start of the journey, so please follow our social channels to keep updated:





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