Queer Visibility

There aren’t enough queer women on television, in films and musicals, as protagonists in literature and music, and certainly not enough day-to-day visibility in public life.

As a gay woman, I witness and experience the consequences of this daily. Homophobia, unhelpful stereotypes of what a ‘lesbian’ looks and sounds like, the overly sexualised  and objectified ‘femme’. If I could tell you the amount of men who thought my sexuality was negotiable and I was one step away from conversion… you’d feel ill.

We need to do more to encourage diversity and inclusion in our offices, and especially in greater society.

My chosen medium is culture. Culture permeates everything we do. It crafts our ideas and understanding of the world, helps us have important conversations, it demystifies, it brings colours and hues to undocumented and poorly represented sectors of society. It unites us together in our shared humanity.

Queer visibility is needed – right now. We have incredible heroes like Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen Page, Jodi Foster and Wanda Sykes. We need more – both the mega famous and those super connected to their local communities.

Orange is the New Black, Gentleman Jack, The L Word, Carol, Fingersmith, The Miseducation of Carmen Post, Brandi Carlile and Mary Lambert. We need more.

In 2020 I’m directing my time and energy behind queer visibility. I’m taking a stand both personally and professionally.

Gay women need more gay women to speak up for them and represent them. Seeing yourself on screen, on stage, in public life strengthens and validates, and can change lives.

Here’s to a vibrant 2020 celebrating diversity and inclusion for gay women everywhere.

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