Wagner Wright Productions

Creative business collaborations are just about my favourite thing. They combine my two big passions in life – performing in the Arts and entrepreneurial business – and it’s where I feel my talents are best suited. I love building something from the ground up alongside someone who has just as grand a vision and commitment as me. Fortunately I found my co-collaborator and creative partner Molly Wagner while training for my Master of Performance at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, and we have now launched our production company Wagner Wright Productions from which we primarily have:

  • A Jazz Duo Act where we perform to live audiences in venues around London and Europe singing close harmonies and working through a fun jazz playlist.
  • A Screenwriting Hub from which we are collaborating on a variety of projects from a TV series to a musical and a screenplay.

I’m thrilled to share our work with the world and so creatively inspired for our upcoming projects. Check us out online at: www.wagnerwrightproductions.com. We will be in the recording studio soon to lay down some of the songs from our show, and are now opening up for bookings for corporate gigs starting very soon with Christmas performances. Stay tuned!


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