Theatre With A Conscience

Why am I an artist? Because storytelling is powerful, it can open and change hearts and minds. Sharing stories with words, song and dance can captivate an audience and transport them us a reality unimaginable, unlocking that world so that we can understand life from new perspectives.

That’s why I’m proud and excited for my next three projects that pursue the power of theatre with a conscience.

First up is SLUT by Patricia Cornelius, a play by one of Australia’s greatest living playwrights, investigating Australia’s slut-shaming culture. The theatre company I co-founded and co-artistic direct Edgeware Forum is producing this work with Rue de la Rocket for FESTIVAL FATALE at the Eternity Playhouse in Sydney, 29 October, 7:30pm. Tickets here. Our cast of five women (including myself), along with director Erin Taylor, show the ways girls grow through school, making meaning from their surroundings and discovering the power of their bodies and their words. Why do we call each other sluts? Who is a slut? What is the experience of being a slut? Who is to blame for this culture of misogyny and hatred?

Two days after we close the show I am off to Europe for an adventure of art and culture, making my way through London, Stockholm, Berlin and Paris to see the best of theatre, music and movement. In a sort of creative pilgrimage, this trip is about me crafting my artistic voice. It’s easy to relax into the same-same of life here in Sydney, but I crave exploring the world and the fascinating, exciting and innovating ways people are storytelling across the globe. I hope to one day mash together the best of the best into my own inspired work.


SLUT received such an outstanding response at Festival Fatale that we were nominated for Best Ensemble at the 2016 Sydney Theatre Awards and were given a season at The Old Fitz Theatre 13-25 June, which sold-out and received outstanding reviews!


Check out some of the reviews:

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