I’m excited to share my EP ‘Something’s Bound To Begin’ with everyone today! These 5 tracks mark the beginning of my professional journey to finding my voice and building as an artist. It’s my foundation; my launching platform; my first step of faith from which I hope to build and grow over years and years. I hope you enjoy listening (I’d recommend using headphones!). Here it is:

EP draft 4

Also, I’m performing a 30 minute development showcase of my Hedda Hopper cabaret on Saturday 23 April at 7pm at Merrigong Theatre Company. It’s a high energy show with lots of upbeat and fun (with some strokes of serious) food for thought.

Do you believe in past lives? Maryann Wright does, and in the past she crossed paths with Hedda Hopper, the gossip queen of Hollywood in the Golden Era. Come back in time to hear twisted, true tales of a flamboyant, driven and relentless journalist who held the celebrity careers of Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and history’s superstars in the palm of her hand. Singing songs from musical classics with the fiery MD Daryl Wallis on the keys, Maryann brings a slice of Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood to the Music Lounge stage. Bring your hat, pearls and Parker pens. “The scariest woman in Hollywood” is coming.

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