In the recording studio

2016 is off to a flying start with me hitting the recording studio this week to lay down three tracks, beautifully produced by Jim Hare and accompanied by Kym Parrish. Have a listen here:

Liza Minelli is a big inspiration of mine and Sally Bowles is a character I’ve always wanted to play. ‘Maybe This Time’ is heaven to sing.

I first heard ‘The Air Is Free’ while sharing an apartment with a fellow musical theatre performer and immediately knew I wanted to sing this song. Months later after making contact with composer Robert Lindsey-Nassif and getting his blessing, I finally put ambition to action!

‘I’ve Learned To Let Things Go’ by John Bucchino means a lot to me personally and when John was in Sydney last year performing at the Hayes Theatre I had the most beautiful discussion with him about recording this song. I feel very privileged to sing his music with his blessing and encouragement.


This week the pilot episode of Subject To Change was also released and it has been gratifying to see the public’s response to the show. Gay teens around the world are finally seeing themselves represented on screen. You can watch the whole episode here:

A bonus for me in filming the pilot was being able to record Missy Higgins’ song ‘Secret’ as part of the show. You can see the montage and performance from 16:38 in the video.

Over the next few weeks, I’m very excited to start the publicity junket for the show and connect with even more audiences.

Let’s see what other brilliant things 2016 has in store!

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