Pilot television series

Subject To Change cast

This week I started filming new Australian pilot TV series Subject To Change playing the co-lead character, Karly.

Subject To Change is a high school drama that featuring same sex attracted lead characters. According to this year’s National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health Report, more than one in five Australian high school students do not identify as exclusively heterosexual. This subject is close to my heart and I am extremely proud and excited to be playing a character that Australian (and international) audiences don’t get to see represented nearly enough on television. Karly is a kind-hearted, soccer-loving, tomboy singer who is attracted to women.

Filming so far has been a dream. 10-hour days on set are incredibly rewarding when you get to hang out with a brilliant cast and crew. I can’t wait for audiences to see this show because I hope it not only entertains but also opens up the minds of everyone watching to fall in love with these detailed and beautiful characters. Plus, I get the privilege of singing a ripper Missy Higgins song in the pilot!

Recording in studio
Laying down a Missy Higgins track in the studio

If you want to follow the progress of our shoot and post-production, check out the Facebook page and #s2cTV on all social media. And here’s some early publicity about the show from LOTL.


Here’s the pilot trailer!



Here’s the pilot!

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