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Six months into full-time dancing/acting/singing training and I can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling in life. Years ago a performer in the (brilliant) documentary Every Little Step said “I was always told that if you have something to fall back on, you’ll fall back” and “If there’s anything else you could imagine yourself doing in life other than performance, you should do that.” At the time I was studying to become a journalist and didn’t understand why you couldn’t love two careers equally. Now, having had time to focus on performance almost 100 percent, I understand. There’s nothing in life I love more than singing/acting/dancing – it makes me happiest – and I’m going to work non-stop to make it a viable future.

Working your way into the Australian Arts industry as a performer is a roller-coaster of highs and lows. No day is like the next, and the daily momentum of advancing your skills is as challenging as it is invigorating. One skill I have been working on recently is publicity.

While on holidays from Brent Street, I interned at AB Publicity with Amanda Buckworth – a prominent Sydney Arts publicist. I had a great time working on shows like Cavalia, The Addams Family and Stomp; and learned a lot about the value of publicity. When budgets are tight (as most of them are when producing shows in Australia) publicity is one of the surest ways to secure an audience for a show. It’s also one of the key ways to build a profile for yourself as an artist. “Names” make it in the industry. Names get offered roles, they move (reasonably) seamlessly from television to the stage, and generally make a stable career out of their craft. Publicity is a necessary companion of talent when creating success.

One of the most popular paths to “making it” in the industry is via cabaret. Cabaret in Australia is niche but it is growing, especially with the success of annual festivals like the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. So, as well as completing my Diploma of Musical Theatre at Brent Street this year I am also writing a cabaret. I was fortunate to be a finalist in the last two years of the Australian Cabaret Showcase. Last year I even received this flattering review from the Sydney Morning Herald. Good publicity!

Along with writing a cabaret, other exciting movement over the past few months has been filming a commercial for K-Mart (you can watch my bobbing moose head here), a photoshoot with The Art of Hair (resulting in the very colourful picture above) and being Kari Harris Casting‘s Performer of the Month. As part of being chosen as performer of the month, I completed a questionnaire about my opinions on the arts industry in Australia – and, after being the journalist asking questions for so long, it was fun to be on the other side of the hot-seat. Here is the questionnaire.

And here is to future opportunities just around the corner!

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