Building a craft at Brent Street

brent street

Hello “flip side”! At the end of last year (post-university-graduation) I was undecided whether to start full-time work in the media industry or whether to pursue my greatest passion in life – musical theatre. I chose the later and I am incredibly happy for it. This year I am getting out of the office and lecture theatre and into a dance studio and theatre, studying a Diploma of Musical Theatre at Brent Street in Sydney. I get to dance, sing, and act every single day, and I’ve never been happier. Dance has been something I’ve wanted to study for a long time. At school I played soccer and just about every sport other than dancing. While that was fun, it meant that for a long time I’ve been a singer-actor. Now I want to be a fierce triple-threat. So this year I’m making up for lost time and discovering the art and discipline of dance. And it’s incredible. The body is the finest piece of art and dance is the most exquisite physical expression of its beauty. I’ve never been so physically and emotionally fit and fulfilled.

I’m still keeping my media skills fresh, and am edging my way into the niche area of arts media. During my holidays at Brent Street I’m interning with Amanda Buckworth Publicity, one of the few boutique arts publicity agencies in Sydney. So far we’ve worked on The Addams Family, Cavalia and are soon to start on Strictly Ballroom. Bit by bit I’m weaving my way into the fabric of Australia’s arts scene. Stay tuned for my progress and wish me luck!

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